Maine Coon Cats

SwanycoonTucker P Mac Paws
Cat. He is our polydactyl pet.
Tucker has seven toes on each
front foot which give him the
appearance of having thumbs. He
is a gorgeous Cameo McTabby.
Tucker comes from Swanycoon
Cattery. Our sincere thanks to
Annette Swanberg for this
fantastic boy. He was  just the
beginning of our love affair with
Maine Coon Cats

Polydactyl Cats are born with extra toes, and are often
referred to as "Mitten Kittens". Some sources say that 40%
of the original foundry cats from this breed were polydactyl.
Currently the CFA does not allow polydactyl cats to be
shown in their breed category. They can be shown as
household pets. I look forward to the day when this is seen as
a natural quality that is not faulted and we can show our
lovely poly cats with the rest of their breed.
Poly's are special cats in our house. Old folklore states that
polydactyl cats bring good luck. I believe this to be true.
They are the most loving and often times mischievous cats.
Their extra toes provide them with a usable thumb that
comes in quite handy for grabbing and  throwing toys,
sometimes stealing household items, and even
typing on keyboards.
We Love Poly's
Swanycoon P. is for Phantom Lady
aka "Fannie May"
Fannie is an adorable brown mackerel
tabby.  She was our first polydactyl  
girl.  She is a very special girl with an
outstanding personality.  Now known as
"Phantom" she has been retired from
breeding and now lives in Lincoln, Ne
Dirigo Matilda P. Peckenpaws
We are proud to announce our newest arrival. Tilly came to us from
Dirigo cattery in Maine. She is the spunkiest little girl with a very sweet
temperament. Tilly is a "four wheel drive" polydactyl (poly on all four feet).
We are honored to co own Tilly with Annette Swanberg
from Swanycoon Cattery.
Tilly at 2 months
Tilly at 5 months